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Harlow is a 180lbs veteran stud who has sired six litters and is booked for more in 2021. He is a well-trained family dog with the most easy-going and humorous personality. His loving personality is a desirable trait that has been passed on to his pups. Harlow has graduated from training at McCann Professional Dog Trainers and continues to provide correction and guidance to many other dogs at our home. 

Harlow has produced many different variations of colours in his offspring. 

  • brindle, reversed brindle, brindle mantle, blue brindle, brindle piebald, brindlequin, blue brindle mantle

  • black, mantle, harlequin

  • blue, blue harlequin, merle, blue brindle merle

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Gizmo is currently available for stud. 

Gizmo is a son of Harlow and carries similar traits. Both are true gentlemen. His goofy personality is one that is adored by many. Gizmo loves attention and it is our belief that he will soon be a great stud as well.